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Ingot Foundry specialises in aluminium casting and bronze casting. Over many years we have established a strong reputation across many industries for the quality of our products and services. This is because we provide reasonably priced, high quality, non-ferrous castings on short lead times. Importantly, all Ingot businesses are Australian owned and operated.


A Solid Reputation

At Ingot Foundry we specialise in aluminium casting and bronze casting. We employ skilled moulders who use only certified ingot materials, all which meet Australian Standards. Several grades of aluminium casting and bronze casting are available and confirmation of material chemical composition can be provided if required.

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Ingot Foundry is structured to handle both jobbing and production orders in either green or hard sand. Green sand enables us to manufacture smaller components cost effectively with larger components, up to 300Kgs moulded in hard sand. Our induction furnaces ensure precise heating and insure against the loss of valuable alloying elements.

The metals we use include Aluminium, Bronze, Manganese Bronze, Aluminium Bronze, Phosphor bronze and Gun Metal.



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adding value with Ingot Engineering

Our modern engineering workshop at Ingot Engineering compliments our foundry businesses capabilities. This means we can offer our customers a unique start to finish production service. With several CNC machines and three axis machining centres our skilled technicians can turn raw castings into precision parts. This enables us to  manufacture to precise specifications.

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Ingot Marine, previously known as P&W Marine, is Australia’s largest manufacturer of underwater propulsion systems. We cater to both the pleasure and commercial sectors of the Marine Industry. Our start to finish manufacturing service can also include extensive field services. This includes the removal and installation of underwater components by qualified tradesmen.


Ingot Engineering, previously known as Cameron Engineering, provides expertise to both sister companies Ingot Marine and Ingot Foundry. This  allows our group of companies to provide a unique, comprehensive start to finish manufacturing service. Our modern workshop is equipped with CNC lathes and 3 axis machining centres allowing us to turn raw castings into quality precision parts.