Upgrade to a PSS Shaft Seal

Upgrade to a PSS Shaft Seal

Contemplating switching from traditional stuffing boxes? Looking to upgrade to a PSS Shaft Seal? Ask yourself “Do you want a wet or dry bilge”?

1. Traditional Stuffing Boxes are filled with fibre and lubricant. Sometimes with combinations of clay or synthetic putty. Regular maintenance is required to ensure a good seal.

2. Modern Pack-less Sealing Systems (PSS) are mechanical face seals. The seal is created between a rotating stainless steel collar and a stationary carbon flange. Little to no maintenance is required, the seal is watertight.

The schools of thought are divided, traditionalists are happy to tinker, adjust and get their hands dirty, all the while content with constant dripping and a soggy bilge.

Modern boating enthusiasts will most importantly benefit from peace of mind. Their PSS seal won’t rust or corrode in salt water and therefore last up to 6 years before needing replacement. The PSS seals have maintenance kits to replace worn parts. Saving your from purchasing a whole new seal.

Give the PSS Shaft Seal a try today! It is available from our online shop, in both metric and imperial sizing.

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