Bronze is a manufactured metal, an alloy of copper commonly used in place of copper. Prized in the marine industry for centuries for low metal to metal friction, corrosion resistance in saltwater, anti-biofouling and high tensile strength. Bronze has proven itself to be a highly versatile and cost effective metal, outlasting even modern day materials.

Two bronzes produced at Ingot Foundry, are gunmetal or leaded gunmetal (LG2 for short) and aluminium bronze (AB2 for short). LG2 is used where load, friction and pressure are factors such as in bearings, valves and pumps. AB2 combines high strength with applications of speed, such as propellers, rudders and propeller brackets.

In marine environments biological organisms are found on piers, pilings, vessel hulls and other marine structures and it has been noted that copper and its alloys (Bronze) are more resistant to the attachment of such organisms than most other common materials. Coupled with its inherent corrosion resistant properties, bronze is the ideal choice for most marine applications.

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