Marine Anodes - Cathodic Protection

Marine anodes are sacrificial metal rods or plates that are attached to boats, yachts, and other vessels to protect them from corrosion. They are made from metals such as zinc, aluminium, or magnesium, which corrode more easily than the metal of the boat’s hull or propellers. As a result, the anodes sacrifice themselves to protect the boat from corrosion. It is essential to regularly replace these anodes to ensure maximum protection for your vessel.

Ingot Foundry Marine Engineers, located in Brisbane, offer quality products for marine cathodic protection to ensure your yacht, boat, vessel, or ship has optimal corrosion protection.

It’s important to strike a balance between protecting your vessel from corrosion and overprotecting it. While anode coverage is crucial for optimal corrosion protection, covering areas unnecessarily can lead to potential issues such as increased weight and drag. It’s best to consult with marine experts to determine the appropriate level of protection needed for your specific vessel. At Ingot Foundry Marine Engineers, we can offer advice about marine cathodic protection and can guide achieving the right level of protection for your vessel.

Shop online for protection of your hull, transom, docking strips, trim tabs, swim platforms, bow thrusters, shafts, propellers, rudder and much more.

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If you are looking for zinc anodes, or need assistance choosing your marine anode or a cathodic protection system, email or ring 07 3390 5588 to place an order.

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