propeller shaft p bracket

Propeller shaft ‘P’, Glass in, ‘A’ and ‘I’ support brackets, play an important role in your vessel’s performance.

Well designed, Ingot’s shaft brackets reduce drag and water disturbance. Because they are supplied with a fine, smooth finish they enhance the water flow onto the propeller.

Platform Support brackets

Ingot standard platform P brackets are designed to suit single and twin screw powerboats, cruisers, commercial vessels and sailing boats.

Using the same basic strut configuration, the platform or ‘palm’ of the bracket can be modified to suit the angle of your vessel’s hull.

The strut thickness and length have been designed to accommodate typical horse powers used on powerboats. Whilst keeping the weight and therefore appendage drag to a minimum.

For boats being built to the rules of a classification society; it is recommended to contact the Ingot Sales Department.

Ingot Propeller Shaft P Bracket Platform Support Bracket Skeg Strut
Ingot Foundry Marine Engineering

Glass in Support brackets

Ingot standard ‘Glass in’ support brackets can be used on sailing boats, commercial boats and powerboats.

This type of bracket offers the advantage of being adjustable in height and angle at installation.

When the correct shaft alignment angle has been achieved the bracket can then be braced for fore and aft and lateral strength; and “glassed in” to the hull.

It is recommended that a Naval Architect is consulted with regard to the method of fixing and the weight of the lay-up.

Brackets Supplied

Ingot water lubricated bearings are supplied fitted with all standard propeller shaft support brackets. In order to enhance the water flow onto the propeller, all propeller shaft brackets are supplied with a fine smooth finish.

Aluminium bronze countersunk head fixing bolt assemblies and bronze backing plates can also be supplied to suit all brackets in the range.

Ingot Propeller Shaft A Bracket Strut Skeg

custom struts and brackets

  • A Bracket
  • I Bracket

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Ingot Foundry, previously known as Fielding’s Foundry, provides quality non-ferrous castings to a wide variety of clients and industries. Specialising in several grades of aluminium, bronze and gunmetal we can provide high quality castings, on short notice, and at reasonable prices. We also offer a ‘custom made’ service creating exact reproductions, or making new ideas a reality.


Ingot Engineering, previously known as Cameron Engineering, provides expertise to both sister companies Ingot Marine and Ingot Foundry, allowing our group of companies to provide comprehensive start to finish manufacturing. Our modern workshop is equipped with CNC lathes and 3 axis machining centres allowing us to turn raw castings into precision parts.

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