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Ingot Foundry, previously known as Fielding’s Foundry, provides quality non-ferrous castings to a wide variety of clients and industries. Specialising in several grades of aluminium, bronze and gunmetal we can provide high quality castings, on short notice, and at reasonable prices. We also offer a ‘custom made’ service creating exact reproductions, or making new ideas a reality.


Ingot Engineering, previously known as Cameron Engineering, provides expertise to both sister companies Ingot Marine and Ingot Foundry, allowing our group of companies to provide comprehensive start to finish manufacturing. Our modern workshop is equipped with CNC lathes and 3 axis machining centres allowing us to turn raw castings into precision parts.

custom made for you

Perhaps you have a unique design that you would like to make a reality? Or an existing design, that you need a precise reproduction of? If so then give us a call because whether it’s a new idea or an old one the Ingot team can make it happen – we love a challenge.

working together

The Ingot team have a unique reputation for working together to create quality products from start to finish. Ingot Foundry produce custom castings while Ingot Engineering turn the raw castings into precision parts utilising CNC lathes and axis machining centres. So call us today and put team Ingot to the test.

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