conquest propellers in queensland

Ingot Marine are stockists of Conquest Propellers in Queensland.


High Quality Replacement Propellers

Conquest propellers were developed to meet the urgent needs of the replacement propeller market. They are the highest quality option for boat owners looking to buy a replacement propeller for their vessel.

Conquest Propellers are competitively priced, are available in a wide variety of sizes and are manufactured to the highest standards.

If you are looking for a replacement propeller talk to Ingot Marine, stockists of Conquest Propellers in Queensland.

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Stronger propellers, better performance

The Conquest range of propellers feature a unique mixture of traditional designs using the proven, flat-faced, mildly skewed blade profiles – ensuring reliable performance across a wide range of applications.

Conquest Propellers are fully CNC machined on all surfaces guaranteeing high performance and low cavitation on your blades. Higher than S class quality, they are manufactured using high strength NiBrAl (CU3). Some models are also available in Bronze.

Conquest Propellers are delivered with your bore and key size using tapers of SAE 1:16, 1:12, and ISO 1:10.

If you are looking for Conquest Propellers in Queensland, then Ingot Marine can help.


Ingot Foundry, previously known as Fielding’s Foundry, provides quality non-ferrous castings to a wide variety of clients and industries. Specialising in several grades of aluminium, bronze and gunmetal we can provide high quality castings, on short notice, and at reasonable prices. We also offer a ‘custom made’ service creating exact reproductions, or making new ideas a reality.


Ingot Engineering, previously known as Cameron Engineering, provides expertise to both sister companies Ingot Marine and Ingot Foundry, allowing our group of companies to provide comprehensive start to finish manufacturing. Our modern workshop is equipped with CNC lathes and 3 axis machining centres allowing us to turn raw castings into precision parts.

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