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Located In Brisbane, Ingot Engineering, formerly Cameron Engineering, has been providing products and services to customers since 1978 with a strong reputation for quality precision engineering and machining with competitive lead-times.

precision engineering

The Ingot Engineering facilities cover over 2500 sq. metres complete with overhead cranes and welding bays. The machine shop is fully equipped with a diverse range of versatile equipment including several CNC lathes and a CNC 3. Our design group utilise CAD/CAM software, enabling us to produce accurate products to drawing specifications and to optimise CNC machining procedures.

Our design group utilises the latest CAD/CAM software enabling us to communicate with our customers, design components in 3D, and to programme our CNC equipment, producing accurate components meeting design specifications and tolerances.

Construction and Commercial

Ingot Engineering provides products and services to a variety of market sectors including Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction and Commercial Marine to Australia, and exports to several regions internationally. Being recognised in Australia as a quality precision engineering organisation, we are able to provide high quality machining products and services with quick turn around times. Having staff of approximately 40, with several CNC machines, we are able to meet delivery schedules through production and batching processes.


5 x CNC lathes

2 x 3 axis CNC vertical mills

1 x full 5 axis vertical mill (X1000mm, Y1650mm, Z850mm)

2 x large lathes (900mm swing over bed)

4 x horizontal bores

1 x hydraulic broach

1 x cylinder grinding

Variety of jobbing mills and centre lathes

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Ingot Marine, previously known as P&W Marine, is Australia’s largest manufacturer of underwater propulsion systems for both the pleasure and commercial sectors of the Marine Industry. Our start to finish manufacturing service can also include extensive field services, including the removal and installation of underwater components by qualified tradesmen.


Ingot Foundry, previously known as Fielding’s Foundry, provides quality non-ferrous castings to a wide variety of clients and industries. Specialising in several grades of aluminium, bronze and gunmetal we can provide high quality castings, on short notice, and at reasonable prices. We also offer a ‘custom made’ service creating exact reproductions, or making new ideas a reality.

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