Sea Strainers

Arctic Steel – The Ultimate Choice for Raw Water Intake Strainers

Marine engines require a well-maintained raw water intake system to prevent damage. A sea water strainer is a practical solution to keep the engine’s cooling system free from debris.

Arctic Steel cast duplex 2205 stainless steel is an excellent material for Marine Sea Strainers due to its corrosion-resistant properties, making it the ultimate choice for Raw Water Intake Strainers in harsh marine environments.

Engine strainers filter out particles that could damage the cooling system. They’re easy to maintain with wing nuts and swing-down bolts. The offset inlet and outlet improve performance, and BSP thread inlet/outlet flanges are available.

Arctic Steel Marine Sea Strainers are suitable for use in marine environments, commercial and industrial applications, straining oils, paint, chemicals, corrosive liquids, and any liquid that needs particles or contaminants removed to protect pumps, nozzles, and injectors.

Available in two sizes: the BISO with a 1″ to 6″ inlet/outlet and the SISO with a 1″ to 4″ inlet/outlet. Durability, ease of maintenance, and robust design make it essential equipment for any marine engine.

Arctic Steel Marine Sea Strainers are the ultimate choice for optimizing the performance and durability of your marine engine. Purchase online or contact us at (07) 3390 5588 today.

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