Earthing Arm Shaft Anode

Boost the cathodic corrosion protection of your propeller and propeller shaft with the Ingot Marine Earthing Arm shaft anode.

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Shaft Anodes – Ultimate Marine Corrosion Protection

So you have the best marine cathodic protection systems for your vessel and run a maintenance schedule like a well-oiled machine?

Nevertheless, water-lubricated bearings or non-metallic cutless marine bearings; can electrically insulate your driveline system from your bonding system! Leaving you with potentially dangerous spark erosion, and your well-maintained vessel and driveline system vulnerable to corrosion.

Prevention is the key – Protect your driveline system

Preventing corrosion on your marine vessel is particularly vital and only takes a little planning. Ingot recommends installing the marine earthing arm to your propeller shafts and propellers to the vessel’s hull with a shaft anode, achieving a complete marine protection system.

Ingot offers an economic solution with low electrical resistance through quality graphite brushes.

Always here to help

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What maintenance is required for my shaft anode?

Ingot highly recommends regular visual anode inspections and a comprehensive inspection whenever the vessel is on a hardstand.

  1. Ensure the anode is firmly connected to terminals and check retaining nuts.
  2. Ensure the integrity of the electrical connection is maintained.
  3. The effective use of an anode in a closed circuit is dependent on its connection to a bonding system.
  4. Check connections continue to be firmly attached to the anode.
  5. Visually inspect bonding wires where they are attached to the anode terminal bolts.
  6. Ensure all metals in the circuit maintain their connection.

Contact a qualified Marine Electrician for further information to test and monitor the vessel’s marine corrosion protection system.


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