IsoFlex Coupling 8 Bolt

IsoFlex Flexible Gearbox Coupling absorbs shock and vibrations.

Protects your driveline system by compensating for minor misalignment.

Easy to install, your boat can stay in the water.

Why install Isoflex Marine and Industrial Gearbox Couplings?

  • IsoFlex have developed a specialized machining technique used to eliminate run-out and consequent vibration.
  • Internal hex-shaped fittings, mean the possibility of inserts turning in the flexible coupling are minimized.
  • IsoFlex Flexible Gearbox Couplings are easy to install. No cutting required and your boat can remain in the water.
  • While designed for marine use, these couplings are used in many industrial driveline applications too.
  • Assist IsoFlex Engine Mounts in doing their job by allowing controlled engine movement.

How to measure For a Isoflex flexible coupling?

Let us take the guesswork out of selecting the right coupling for your application. Please follow the “How to Measure” Instructions.

Have a Marine Gearbox coupling you would like to replace?

Here you will find the correct GEARguard Coupling to replace other commonly used couplings.

Only have transmission information? No Problem

Here you will find the correct GEARguard Coupling to use with a variety of transmissions, organized by manufacture.

IsoFlex Flexible Gearbox Couplings 8 BoltIsoFlex Flexible Gearbox Couplings 8 bolt

As gearbox manufacturer’s dimensions and specifications are subject to change, it is necessary to check all dimensions to ensure fit and suitability of the coupling.

All IsoFlex Flexible Couplings are manufactured from engineering grade polymers. Although these materials are thermoset polymers, there may be dimensional changes from those specified, depending on ambient temperature conditions.

The tolerance on all IsoFlex machined index rings is +/-0.002″ (+/-0.05mm) @ 25°C (77°F) ambient temperature.

All other dimensions: +/-0.020″ (+/-0.5mm) @ 25°C (77°F) ambient temperature.


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