Phenolic Bearings 2″-2 7/8″

Manufactured from dense reinforced thermoset plastic, this range of non-metallic phenolic bearings are manufactured to suit applications where electrolysis is a problem through metal to metal contact..

Chemical and oil resistant, the nitrile rubber strips are shaped to form a hydrodynamic water wedge between the shaft and bearing, even at low speeds. Aqualube Bearings, Duramax, Johnson Cutless

Water Lubricated Marine Bearings

Water being the perfect lubrication medium, its naturally abundant around marine vessels. It is non-compressible, cooling and has a low coefficient of friction when between bearing strip and propeller shaft.


Ingot Marine supply a comprehensive range of standard non-metallic phenolic bearings. However bespoke sizes can be quoted for and manufactured upon request. Contact Us today! Aqualube Bearings, Duramax, Johnson Cutless


All water lubricated phenolic bearings will eventually experience wear in service. It is recommended that bearings should be inspected for wear whenever the vessel is hauled out for service.


Ingot Marine non-metallic phenolic bearings are designed to let abrasive particles pass over its surface and into the nitrile rubber grooves, where it is flushed out by the water feed pressure. This system prevents the particles from getting embedded into the bearing nitrile rubber surface, causing wear on the propeller shaft. Aqualube Bearings, Duramax, Johnson Cutless


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