Brass Kerbmarkers

Ingot Foundry Brass Kerbmarkers and Permanent Concrete Survey Markers, 100% Australian made from certified brass alloy.

Used for identifying underground utilities, surveying property boundaries, road building, construction activity, mapping and other land surveys.

$6.60$12.06 Inc GST


Types of Brass Kerbmarkers

I – Irrigation W – Water S – Sewer FP – Flush Point
H – Hydrant E – Electricity SD – Side Drain WM – Water Main
V – Valve G – Gas    

Features Brass Kerbmarkers & Permanent Survey Markers

  • Flat top with anti-glare finish 
  • 38mm dia
  • Approximately 5mm thick cast brass marker
  • Two fixed legs 25mm on the back for easy installation into wet concrete or insert into drilled holes and held by epoxy
  • 100% Australian made using certified ingot.
  • Used by Councils, Water, Electrical, Communication, Civil Companies and Utilities

Protect Underground Utilities with Identification Tags

Ingot Foundry’s sand-cast brass Kerbmarkers, are approved by the Queensland Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy. And are currently used by councils, water, electrical, communication, civil and utility companies.

100% Australian made permanent concrete survey markers, can be a large brass plaque buried underground or a mini brass mark in the kerb. They can define the extent of your property, identify underground utilities utilized by builders, and in new construction development.


Why choose brass?

Using only high-quality certified brass alloy, Ingot Foundry can offer the best characteristics in corrosion resistance, strength and durability for our kerbmarkers and permanent concrete survey markers.


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