Sledge Hammer Heads & Mallets

Dead blow sledge hammer heads and mallets are solid cast from non-ferrous soft metals such as Aluminium, Bronze and Brass.

The soft metal hammer or mallet will deform first, thus preventing damage to the striking surface. Used

Suitable for use in applications that require non-sparking elements.

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Why use dead blow Sledge Hammer heads & Mallets?

Designed and manufactured in house, Ingot Foundry offers aluminium, bronze or brass, dead blow sledge hammer heads & mallets. Offering solutions to minimize damage to the stuck surface during metalworking, and reducing the force transmitted back into the user’s hand and arm.

And are used in applications where less vibration is needed, such as boat propeller repair or tuning.


Which Material is Best for dead blow sledge hammers & mallets?

Bronze Sledge Hammer Heads – slightly softer than brass are used when surface protection is critical. Bronze is a soft metal, therefore hammer heads will not deform harder metals and is a non-sparking element (see safety information).

Brass Sledge Hammer Heads – are the most durable hammer head’s and should be used in place of steel hammers in any metalworking application. Brass dead blow hammer heads are also non-sparking (see safety information). Contact Us for more information about this product.

Aluminium Sledge Hammer Heads /Mallets – light-weight yet incredibly strong, designed to reduce fatigue and offer the same non-marring properties in metalworking applications. These products can be dressed to prolong their life, file or grind to flatten the surface.


Non-Sparking Hammer

Ingot Foundry’s Sledge Hammer Heads and Mallets consist of non-ferrous metals and are considered the best tools to use in metalworking, mining, oil and gas.

Aluminium, Bronze and Brass sledge hammer heads and mallets reduce the risk of sparking while the mallet is in use. Non-sparking tools are ideal in environments that may contain flammable liquids, vapours, dust or residues.


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