BRASS BEARING 3″ – 4 7/8″

Naval brass water lubricated marine bearing suitable for propeller shafts, rudder stock, and stern tubes.
Superior abrasion resistance.
Reduce operation costs overall and extend the life of your vessel.

Naval Brass Bearings 3″-4 7/8″

Securely bonded to the interior of the bearings shell, fluted nitrile rubber provides shock and vibration absorption.
Water is abundant in a marine environment and offers the perfect lubrication medium. Flowing through the internal flutes, over the shaft and bearing surfaces, the water flushes particles that could cause damage.

Water Lubricated Marine Bearing Custom sizes

Ingot Marine supplies a comprehensive range of standard naval brass bearings including sizes 3/4″-1 7/8″ and 2″-2 7/8″.

However bespoke sizes can be quoted for and manufactured upon request. Contact Us Today!

Marine Bearing Construction

The external naval brass shell is machined and polished to provide easy fitting.
Bonding techniques developed, ensure the strength of the bond to the shell is at least equal to the strength of the rubber itself.

Wear & Abrasion

All water lubricated marine bearings will eventually experience wear in service. It is recommended that bearings should be inspected for wear whenever the vessel is hauled out for service.


Ingot Marine offers water-lubricated bearings resistant to corrosion and are nonconductive to avoid electrolysis.
Phenolic marine bearings are non-metallic and suit applications where electrolysis is a problem through metal to metal contact.

Available for purchase in the following sizes 3/4″-1 7/8″2″-2 7/8″ and 3″-4 7/8″.


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