PSS Shaft Seal – 2″ to 2 3/4″

Metric PSS Shaft Seals Type A are available for purchase, please call (07) 33905588. Or check back soon to purchase online.
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PSS Shaft Seals

The #1 selling mechanical face seal worldwide. The PSS Seal is installed as standard equipment by many of the worlds most reputable boat builders and boat yards.

PSS Shaft Seals are recognized as the premiere retrofit (aftermarket) marine seal on the world market. Boat builders and boat yards recognize the advantages and value of installing the PSS marine seal.

As it eliminates the maintenance, constant adjustment and cost associated with traditional packing type glands.

Ingot PSS Shaft Seal Type A Mechanical Face Seal

What are the Benefits of a PSS Seal?

The PSS Seal helps to eliminate water in the bilge (100% water tight) and wear to the propeller shaft. It can be easily retrofitted and is available for shafts ranging from 3/4” to 6” (20mm to 150mm). Complete with maintenance kits.

Read more about PSS Shaft Seals in latest news.

Certified by Bureau Veritas, ABS and Rina.

Before Ordering Your PSS Shaft Seal

  1. Measure your shaft diameter
  2. Measure your stern tube diameter*
  3. Check fore and aft measurements

*Tip: In difficult to access areas, wrap a string around the stern tube, measure the circumference and divide by Pi (3.1416)

Prolong the life of your PSS Shaft Seal

As with any rubber hose below the water, the bellows must be inspected on a regular basis for any sign of wear. Consequently it is recommended that the PSS bellows be replaced every 6 years.

Purchasing a maintenance kit is a cost effective way to expand the life of your marine seal.


PSS Maintenance Kit Includes

  • Set Screws
  • Bellows
  • O-rings
  • Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
  • Clamp Jackets (hose clamp tail covers)
  • Wrench
  • Instructions

Ingot PSS Shaft Seal Type A Mechanical Face Seal

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